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Expat itchy feet... the desire to relocate again.

As established expats, it took a lot to get to where we are today, settled, with some resemblance of roots, connections and a sense that this place is 'home', yet there are times that every expat gets that 'itchy feet' feeling. The wanderlust, the sense of a fresh start, the opportunity, and the excitement never really leave us as seasoned expats! Like wouldn't it be fun to start over somewhere new? Or travel and work somewhere new for a year? Expand a business venture into other markets, demographic and clientele, change direction in a new city or move for a job opportunity.

At times our new stable environment can change, people leave, jobs don't work out, or relationships run their course and as expats, that instability feeling creeps in. Tuning in to how we feel about our current situations allows us to understand what we need or desire to do to feel happy, challenged, or like we are growing and learning as expats!

With this current climate, the Pandemic has brought about feelings of being stuck, trapped or uncomfortable and has left many people, including expats, the desire to move, relocate or adapt to a digital nomadic lifestyle more than ever before. Having been confined to our houses or local areas or even country for years, as expats and travellers, it is more important than ever to get back out there and not let the Pandemic or any other reasons stop us from living our best lives yet.

What can you, as an expat do to make the moves for a new expat life, a challenge in a new city, the opportunity of an adventure?

Here are Her Expat Life's Top tips for transitioning abroad effortlessly!

1: Figure out where you would like to go. Have two or three cities or countries on your list. Do your research and find out what you need to move there, jobs, immigration, and the cost of living.

2: Invest in a 'Go See' Experience. Invest in exploring your desired city or country before deciding actually to move! Figure out which neighbourhood you want to live in, where to school your kids and get a feel for the city!

3: Secure a new home! If you are set on a new particular city, buying property is a sure way to put roots down quickly and help transition easily.

4: Get in touch with Her Expat Life! We have a range of consultation packages to help you plan and talk with an expat expert to decide where the best place to relocate to for your expat lifestyle needs!

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