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Expat Entrepreneur Highlight: Melissa Chung, Founder & CEO of Krippit

The very essence of entrepreneurship is to solve a problem. And one problem that many women who love to wear high heels have, is to protect their heels when walking on different types of grounds. Grounds such as grass, granite, marble, carpet, wood, and more that often damage

heels that are costly to fix. Shoes for many women are an investment, and as a trained Financial Advisor, Melissa Chung not only found an opportunity to solve a problem, but to help women protect their investment by creating Krippit.

Being a Canadian expat entrepreneur now building Krippit at Creative Valley Incubator at Station F in Paris, it has been a world wind adventure to expand her brand in the Europe marketplace. With fashion hubs such as Paris, Milan, and London in close proximity, Chung knows that location is key to growing her business and brand.

Here at Her Expat Life, we help women creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors, advance their global lifestyle. Even further, we encourage women to go where they are able to thrive in all aspects of their lives, including wellness and business. If you love to wear high heels and want to protect your heels, or are looking to buy a gift for a friend or spouse that loves to wear high heels, check out Krippit shop, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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