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Entrepreneurial Networking As A Female Expat

The right entrepreneurial ecosystem allows you to flourish as a female entrepreneur, yet it can be hard to find such ecosystems.

Facilitating the right environment to encourage female expats to enter the entrepreneurial world starts with those already doing it. Successful female entrepreneurs and open-minded investors who can pass down their wisdom through networking events, webinars and other meet ups or coaching are all enablers for a robust ecosystem.

'In 2016, GEM reported that official estimates calculate the number of women entrepreneurs close to 300 million in 74 developed and developing countries. This shows the magnitude and impacts women entrepreneurs have in the household, employment creation in their communities and the production of products and services adding new value to the world.' - GEM Women's Entrepreneurship 2016–2017 Report.1

Strategically networking as a female expat can take your business concept and turn it into a full-fledged company. It's all about finding the right people at the right time.

Entrepreneurship is a daunting game for anyone and can lead to failure, burnout, and lack of direction. Women also need to prioritise their well being as they develop their entrepreneurial career.

'The well being of women in entrepreneurship is not a gender or purely a diversity issue. It is a development imperative with an increasing impact on economic growth, social progress, and sustainability of nations worldwide' The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship, MT Lepeley, K Kuschel, N Beutell.

The global effort of entrepreneurial activities and ecosystems are becoming more prevalent.

The challenges and opportunities faced on the road to entrepreneurial success for women vary from country to country, and this may surprise you. However, developing countries offer more room for entrepreneurship as it is encouraged to support local societies, especially in countries that are still developing or are going through hardship. It is becoming more popular that investors are more open-minded and opening up the doors of investment out with the constraints of developed, safe countries.

Women are slowly but surely being recognized and taken seriously in the entrepreneurial game, which has taken a long time of inequality and oppression. Yet, the more women push the boundaries, network and strive for success, the more they inspire other women to think outside the box, take calculated risks and elevate their local and international circles.

Joining networking events and signing up to accelerator and innovation programs offer endless opportunities for female expat entrepreneurs, from co-working spaces, consistent mentorship programs, and eventually funding.

Her Expat life is a private company that helps women advance their global lifestyle. Our mission is to create ease, community, opportunity, and empowerment for our clients and members. Her Expat Life has a range of services, communities, and opportunities to grow and maintain your global lifestyle. Being an expat woman, you don't have to be alone in your journey; we are here to help you.

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