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Empowering Spirituality & Wellness Businesses: Insights from Established Expat, Oumnia El Khazzani!

In a world where spirituality and wellness are becoming increasingly important for individuals, businesses in these areas are also on the rise. But how can these businesses truly empower their clients? To gain insights from an expert in the field, we turn to established expat Oumnia El Khazzani. With her extensive experience in the industry, Oumnia offers valuable advice and tips for spirituality and wellness businesses looking to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Read on to discover how these insights can help your business thrive.

1: Tell us about your journey - you live in Lisbon (are you from there?) or living the expat life? You

have lived in Bali also? Tell us about your expat journey and why you started…

I’m originally from Morocco, where I grew up until the age of 17. After that, I studied for my masters

in France, and then my expat life started there. Singapore, Bali, and Berlin were my stops before I

moved to Lisbon last year. Traveling’s always been a symbol of freedom, especially for me as a

Moroccan woman, and I’m sure this has been a big drive for my international lifestyle.

2: You bring soul to businesses with a brand that resonates with people's hearts - Tell us more about this venture and your love for spirituality and business…What are brands with soul? What can people and businesses expect from you?

Since I was a kiddo, I always loved observing life in awe of its beauty. My aunties say that as a kid, I

used to be fascinated by insects. As I grew up, I’d spend lots of time looking at nature, singing to the

birds, or talking to God. Spirituality’s always been here for me. As I embarked on my career in

corporate back in 2011, I shunned this part of me. “Nobody needs spirituality and wonder at work,

put this stuff in the closet!”. So, I did. It’s only after a journey into yoga and self-development that I

finally got the courage to come to the business world as I am: a spiritual being first. Brands with Soul

is how I combine the two. I bring heart and soul to the process of creating a brand.

3: Tell us about what businesses you have helped in the wellness and spiritual experience space…

To be honest, all businesses I’ve helped so far are not in the wellness and spiritual realm! That is

something I strive towards. The dream would be to help luxury hotel chains develop their

transformative wellness programs or brands. So, if you’re reading this and know someone, contact


4: Tell us more about the experiences you facilitate for people to connect more deeply with life!

I like to see my work this way: I create moments of spirituality so that people can experience what

I’ve been experiencing since I was kid. To feel the beauty of life. To realise our connectedness. To

experience magic in their body. Transformation through experience. The format I prefer is the

retreat, as I believe immersion is a powerful tool for change and growth.

5: Where have you traveled to or lived that has enriched your spirituality?

Bali has been, and still is, an important place for my soul in this life. She likes it there, she feels home

and free. But I’d say Berlin too. The few years I spent there allowed me to lean into the dark side,

experience myself in new ways and, ultimately, understand that both light and darkness are valid and

to be accepted and loved. And finally, India. I went on a trip to Varanasi back in 2018, where I was

taught the precepts of Kundalini by a Guruji. In India, I understood there can be beauty in chaos. India taught me to see beauty everywhere, in everyone. Whatever it looks like, it is an expression of the Divine. Thus, it is beautiful.

6: What advice would you give to other women experiencing loss of connection to their spirituality?

First, to understand that it’s OK and actually pretty normal. We live such fast-paced, masculine lives.

It is only normal to lose touch with the magic, the feminine, the unseen. Then, I’d advise them to start

by doing one thing: slow down.

What does it mean, Oumnia?

It means, next time you have lunch during your busy day, direct your attention to your food for a moment, and feel how it feels. Or, next time you go on a walk in a park or nature, stop the podcast or music or the chit chat with the friend, and observe and listen. Or, next time you feel stressed, close your eyes and connect with this simple yet potent realisation: the mere fact you are alive right now is a miracle. Spirituality isn’t something woo-woo or difficult. It’s simply taking the time to pause the game of our everyday life and look at it all with the eyes of the divine being you are in awe of this incredible experience called “life”.

7: Tell us more about the retreats you have run? What can people expect from your retreats?

I like to call the retreats I design and facilitate “not a yoga retreat”. :)

For some reason, I create concepts that revolve around transformation, not yoga. Even though yoga is a beautiful practice for transformation, my focus is transformation first. And, so, every concept is different. The next retreat is around 'Wild Woman', and here the focus is on sharing Berber shamanism and Sufi practices. There’s another retreat coming up in Portugal, and this one’s around the concept of slowness and space. Every retreat has its own concept, but people can always expect a diligently crafted program, curated facilitators, and a balance between depth and lightness.

8: What is life like in Lisbon.. Should other women pursue it as a place to live and work?

Life in Lisbon is good if you don’t live at the rhythm of the Matrix! Here’s what I mean: I work from

home, so I don’t commute every day to work. Therefore, I don’t have to be in the traffic jams. If I had

to, I think my quality of life would be much less. The weather’s incredible here, and Nature, our

beautiful Mother, is so, so soulful. I’d recommend other women to at least come and try it here. It's

great if you work remotely or have your own business!

9: How do you take care of your own spirituality and overall health?

I work out every 2 days and eat a mainly plant-based diet. I limit eating outside to a minimum and

cook all meals. I start my days with a minimum of 5 minutes in the sun, I pray and meditate before I

do anything else. I express gratitude toward life. I go to nature (I’m lucky to have a park nearby) and

look while really observing the beauty of nature. I make sure I create a good balance between mind

activities, body activities, and soul activities. Soul activities can range from being creative, dancing, or

connecting deeply with people through a workshop or a conscious event.

10: What challenges have you faced as a female entrepreneur, and how did you overcome them?

Phew! Many! :) I’m not going to lie, for me, being an entrepreneur has been tough. I had to learn a lot

the hard way. Here’s my biggest challenge: Business is a masculine activity. So, as I started to

connect and awaken my feminine more, I found it hard to continue operating in the masculine way.

My biggest challenge has been (and still is) to not forget my nature, to not turn into a man. To give

myself breaks. To love myself when I can’t work as much as my male friends. To say, “I’m on my

period, I’ll skip today,” with love and acceptance. Not easy!

Connect with Oumnia:

Link to the Morocco Retreat :

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