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Embracing the Charms of Stockholm: A Sustainable City of Green Spaces, Culture, and Community!

You have to love what you are taking pictures of”. Peter Lindbergh. A famous photographer from the exhibition of Fotografiska museum. There, I started to love Stockholm.

The capital of Sweden boasts a remarkable blend of natural beauty, sustainability, and a vibrant community that left a lasting impression on my heart. From the lush green spaces to the thriving “Fika” -which means coffee- culture, Stockholm has much to offer. You will find nice cafes and a blossoming and vibrant community in the summer. And of course, also fancy indoor and outdoor bars where you can extend your afternoon and nightlife.

So, what is the best thing about Stockholm in 2023? Well, I’d say it’s all about sustainability. A buzzword that becomes just not a word when you get there. If you are looking for a truly green city and future oriented, look no further. Stockholm is all about sustainability, or, at least, with a sustainable vision and solution oriented to it.

Just by stepping out of the train station, Stockholm's commitment to sustainability became evident. The city stands proudly as a role model for future-oriented urban development. With an emphasis on eco-friendly practices, Stockholm has adopted various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. The abundance of greenery and cleanliness throughout the city is a testament to their dedication to preserving nature.

A walk in the park, or boat trips could become a new routine for you in the summer. People there know how to enjoy outdoor sports activities in the numerous parks near the water. Concerts are running in the summer as a part of the outdoor scene.

In winter, museum visits and indoor galleries make central Stockholm a must. The city's rich cultural heritage is evident in its numerous museums and indoor galleries. A visit to central Stockholm is a must for those seeking to explore its artistic and historical treasures. The vibrant art scene and engaging exhibits make it an unforgettable experience for culture enthusiasts.

While Stockholm's many charms captivate visitors, finding accommodation can be a challenge due to its growing popularity. And of course, you need to learn Swedish to find a decent job long-term, but the community is all English-Speaking friendly. Some jazz bars in the city centre make the US community welcome. The city is also very welcoming for people with different kinds of food intolerances, such as gluten or lactose.

By now, I hope you can imagine yourself embracing the allure of Stockholm, even if just for a visit to see if that is your place, or to learn. If you do that, you'll find yourself falling in love with its charm, just as I did during my unforgettable visit.

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Mar Mollet, Her Expat Life. Head Growth Office.

I have been travelling looking for opportunities for our community.

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