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Discovering the Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Brazilian Travel Journalist Gisele Rodrigues!

Are you ready to explore the world and work remotely? If so, you might be interested in the digital nomad lifestyle. Brazilian travel journalist Gisele Rodrigues has been living this lifestyle for several years, and she's here to share her experiences and insights with you. In this blog, we'll discover what it means to be a digital nomad and how Gisele has made it work for her. So, pack your bags and join us on this exciting journey!

1: Tell us about your experience as a documentary producer and travel journalist...

I am from Brazil, and I started in 2009 my career as a journalist, for more than 10 years I worked in television, in the biggest TV stations, like SBT AND RECORD. It was in 2014 that I became a producer of special documentaries and travel.

2: You are qualified in Portuguese, English and Spanish - How did you learn all these languages and

what advice do you have for women who want to become bilingual?

I am a native speaker of Portuguese, because I am Brazilian. I acquired the Spanish language by going to live in Barcelona to study a Masters in Travel Journalism, and in this city I kept practicing and today I have advanced Spanish without ever having taken a course. English has been present during a good part of my life with some courses since adolescence, and until today. The language is part of my profession as a travel journalist.

3:You are a Brazilian that now lives in Barcelona! What is life like as a female expat? What are

the challenges you have faced? How have you overcome them?

Currently I am a digital nomad, but I am based in Barcelona. I chose this city to do my specialisation in TRAVEL JOURNALISM in 2019, where I did a master's degree, and concluded it with the publication of a book in Spanish about Norway. Living outside of Brazil will never be the same as living in our country, we will always be foreigners, no matter how much we adapt. Barcelona, and Spain, are places where I identified with things that are very similar to my country, with the way of life and the very similar culture.

4: As a Brazilian, would you recommend Brazil to fellow female expats as a place to work and


Brazil, until today is the best country I have seen in the whole world, the people are very friendly, the ease with which you can make friends, the events, the culture, and it is not a very expensive country. Everybody needs to go to Brazil for a short or long experience, it will change your life.

5: Can you share with us your top tips for being a successful female digital nomad?

I believe that there is no one tip for success, it is for you to follow your dreams and purpose to find yourself. And the road gives you everything you need to be happy. Being a digital nomad was never in my plans, but after the pandemic it became my lifestyle, I don't know if it will be forever, but currently I identify myself and I am completely happy with this style.

6: Where have you traveled to/ lived/worked that really made a good impression on you and


I have lived in many places, and so far for me Barcelona is still the best hub to live in.

There are many co workings, people who have the same lifestyle, cultural events. The people have a light lifestyle, and many are digital nomads. But I have plans to go to Asia to see what it is like to work there, I think it is also a good place.

7:What is your expat lifestyle like in Barcelona? What are the highlights of living in Barcelona as

an expat?

I get up in the morning having my coffee on the terrace of a friend's apartment who rents me a room when I am in town. Then I head to the beach, and get into the sea to start the day. Then I head to the co working space and work there.

8: Where would you love to live/travel/work next?

My plans for next year is to go to ASIA.

9:What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?

I like simple things like going to the beach, working in a light environment, enjoying friends, and always traveling.

10: Finally, what do you enjoy most about being an expat?

I like the feeling that I can keep traveling around the world, and not belong anywhere, because the place where I live is inside me.

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