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Dealing With Post - Covid-19 Mental Health Complications

As we live in a 'Pandemic world' as our new normal, there is now an array of triggered mental health complications felt in every society.

Emotional, physical, & economic stress have led to a severe increase in anxiety, depression, & stress disorders.

'Some mental health care advocates believe the general population may be suffering from various levels of vicarious traumatisation. In August 2020, the CDC published results of an extensive US web-based survey of more than 5000 adults in which 40.9% endorsed at least one adverse mental or behavioural health problem related to the Pandemic.

As the world opens up again and 'We', as in the human race, reintegrate into society and return to the office, and socialise in communal places, it can feel daunting for us as we were pushed into lockdown, many of us blanking out that COVID-19 ever happened to get back to normal, while others are now living with severe loneliness, crippled by feelings of being trapped and scared of reintegrating back into society with fear that has spiralled out of control.

If you are suffering or know someone who is, here are Her Expat Life's top tips.

1: Support your friends, family and loved ones!

Show them that you are there for them with your presence. Meet for a coffee, or go for long walks. Reaching out to work colleagues, neighbours, or even people you meet while out for a walk with your dog are ways we as human beings can heal from the trauma of Covid-19.

2: Get Active.

From walking, running, or cycling to yoga, any exercise is good for our hearts and minds. Participate in a gym class or pilates class where there is a teacher and other people to feel connected again while doing something positive and encouraging wellness.

3: Self Care.

Due to Covid 19, it can feel like we neglected ourselves and escaped through work or numbing out; it's time to become more present with ourselves.

Not just a face mask and hot bubble bath (although those things are advantageous), Genuine self-care, like getting a check-up with your GP, talking to a licensed therapist or seeking holistic healing, are all ways to take care of you!

4: Join Her Expat Life community

Perhaps you are an expat and felt halted/changed or grounded by the Pandemic? Do you want to get going again and live a digital nomadic expat lifestyle, or are you a business owner looking to live somewhere else and get back into living a life you want or desire?

Become part of Her Expat Life

Start your expat journey with one of our services and live a better life.

Our services include a holistic approach to our client's lifestyle needs and desires. Prepares comprehensive feminine focused action plans, delivers concierge global mobility packages, tailors pre-departure experiences, organises on-site support, and offers a private membership.

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