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Dating dynamics as a western expat woman

As Valentine's day is fast approaching, it can be a time of reflection to ponder over our love lives (If you are a single girl).

Why are we still single? Where is the man in our lives? Will we ever meet the one?

Western women who have extensively travelled or lived the expat lifestyle find it hard to date in certain cultures.

In Asia, in particular, dating as a western expat woman can sometimes feel like you are the flavour of the month; the next, it can seem like no one wants you. You are very foreign in your cultural upbringing, and men in Asia appear interested but not for the long haul, for the actual relationship. You are left with two choices, date other foreigners or face up to the reality that if you date an Asian man, it probably won't last in the long run. There are always exceptions to the rule; of course, this is purely from observation.

It can seem like the odds are stacked against women, with men finding it more accessible to date in differing cultures.

European culture is probably the most fun for women as it is flirty, romantic and open.

As we travel and open our minds to different cultures as expats, the dating traditions of social conformity have changed along with technology-driven dating. We interact differently now, and strict gender rules and old-fashioned values of marriage have changed. Men and women are designing new ways of dating, relationships and marriage.

Yes, the 'hook up' culture looks like it's here to stay and grow more with dating apps, which can be disappointing for single women looking for the real deal.

It can feel like, "where are all the men that want genuine relationships"? We should see this as liberating as expat women and forge our unique path to finding love instead of looking to traditional definitions of a successful relationship.

Designing our unique definition of love and a successful relationship has never been more obtainable. It all comes down to how you are in yourself as a woman at that particular time in your life.

"The happier and more fulfilled I was, the easier to find love and relationships." - Jen, expat

Making yourself happier will attract lasting love, get honest with what you want out of life, and love will indeed flow.

Figuring out what you want from a man becoming open-minded in your approach to dating will help as you live the expat life. Think of fun first dates, be flexible, keep the bigger picture in mind and focus on adapting to the cultural ways of your new country or city. After all, the aim is to have fun and find a connection that works for both of you.

Her Expat life is a female consultancy that helps women advance their global lifestyle builds a community and support network for those looking to live an expat life, change their lives and live a fulfilling expat lifestyle.

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