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Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs!

As it's International women's day and women's history month, Her Expat Life wants to take this time to celebrate the brave and successful up and coming female entrepreneurs that are making their mark in business. Women from all walks of life achieve incredible things through their entrepreneurial ventures and make a real impact.

It takes a lot to enter the entrepreneurial game, and to succeed with longevity is something to be celebrated.

Here are our top 5 female entrepreneurs of 2022.

Ava Farvahari

Ava Farvahari has become an award-winning facial aestheticist. Ava founded 'My Pure Aesthetics' four years ago and is world-renowned with celebrities and influencers as her clients. Ava is one of the only clinicians in her field to offer organic plasma gel filler, a revolution in the industry.

Morgan Myles

Morgan is only 26 and has already disrupted industries in a big way through co-founding a company called 'Collective Brains', a global learning and development platform, founder of her marketing consulting, self-help podcast and a lifestyle influencer Instagram!

Kimberlee Gee

Kimberlee saw a gap in the legal outsourcing market and created Kimberlee Gee Legal. This firm deals with the legal industry adapting to technology and offers a suite of virtual litigation support services that offer attorneys an easier way to stay competitive. During COVID with law firms working remotely, Kimberlee Gee Legal assisted law firms in their digital overhaul.

Maddalena di Meo

Maddalena is the Director of FirstMed, founder of the medical and social centres & app creator of 'What does the paediatrician say?'. She has a clear vision of health and digital innovation combined for a better future of health care. She is a vital figure in the Switzerland health sector and has a unique entrepreneurial flair where she has previously crowned 'Woman Entrepreneur of the Year - Switzerland'.

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

What a legend! For over 42 years, JoAnn has cultivated a solid consulting firm for business, marketing and PR, along with a clothing boutique. JoAnn is also an international Empowerment Speaker and running a successful non for profit that mentors young girls in leadership, social skills and career motivations. Lately, JoAnn has been wealth building, specialising in cryptocurrency and tokenised real estate investment. Her overall aim is to enable women to leverage their finances and build generational wealth.

Her Expat life is here to help females advance their global lifestyles. Our mission is to create ease, community, opportunity, and empowerment for our clients and members.

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