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Bridging Generations through Mindful Movement: The Journey of Liesbeth De Backer, Founder of Full Of Yoga!

Her Expat Life recenltly had the pleasure of chatting with Liesbeth De Backer, the visionary behind Full Of Yoga. With a deep-rooted belief in the transformative potential of mindful movement, Liesbeth has dedicated her life to fostering connections between people of all ages through the practice of yoga. Read on for the inspiring journey of Liesbeth De Backer, a beacon of unity and wellness in a fragmented world.

1. Please elaborate on your journey in yoga. How did you initiate your practice, and

where did you receive your yoga instructor training?

Yoga hasn't always been a part of my life. As a kid, I couldn't sit still, just like my eldest

daughter. I see so much of myself in her. I was constantly dancing or moving around.

As I got older, this movement became less and less... I know, guilty as charged. Unfortunately, I

didn't realise this until I noticed I was drifting further and further from myself.

I followed the path laid out for me, without really knowing what I wanted. My passions dwindled,

I moved less... But I carried on, as one does...

I literally traveled around the world, jumped into my camper, and headed to Gambia. It wasn't

until after those years, during my various yoga teacher trainings, that I realised I could find that

need for movement within myself.

It felt like coming home. And during those trainings, I not only discovered a connection with

myself but also my passion for drawing. That's how my illustrations came to be.

2. Could you discuss the methodologies you’ve utilised to foster intergenerational

connections through mindfulness-based movements?

Sometimes, kids can exhibit quite challenging behaviour, which can be tough for us parents.

It's always been an important exercise for me and actually a beautiful mirror to my own

behaviour. Because we are constantly confronted with how we react to certain situations with our

children. Children are very good messengers in this regard.

It's important to remember that our children can find peace by having us as an example. This is

called co-regulation, after all, a child learns best through imitation, right?

They learn from how their parents handle stress and emotions.

3. Could you provide insights into the inception and expansion of Full Of Yoga?

From this connection with myself through yoga, the illustrations and card sets were born. And

believe me, this was not an easy road, but very educational, one of trial and error and just really

continuing to believe in myself. There were so many moments when I could have given up,

when I failed, even people who said 'shouldn't you go back to work?' But it's precisely these

things that give me the courage to keep going! Because I feel in my heart that it should be this

way, that path didn't open up for me for nothing. Keep going, meet new people.

It's all about meeting the right people at the right moment, and it's mostly about making space to allow those encounters to happen, with the right mindset.

But by continuing to believe in myself, surrounding myself with the right people, and also letting

go of others, Full of Yoga has now grown immensely, and we're sending packages around the

world. Of course, my own children are also a huge source of inspiration. They remind me that I want to give them this power - the connection with themselves, with their bodies, with their emotions. So

they can be confident, make their own choices, and believe they can achieve anything they


4. What obstacles did you encounter as a female entrepreneur within the wellness sector,

and what strategies did you use to overcome them?

In my mind, it has never been an obstacle. This is just another mindset you instil in yourself,

right? You often create those obstacles yourself… I know, the landscape of entrepreneurship is

often male-dominated, but we as women can use our female power to also make our

contribution. Embrace your female. My tip, get a good mindset coach. It really did me a world of

good! and I still get a lot out of it. Thank you Ellen from fullcircle coaching. ;)

5. How do you manage the business aspects of Full Of Yoga while nurturing your

dedication to mindful movement and yoga?

For me, these two things are beautifully intertwined, they follow the same path, discipline, and

focus. And it's precisely these two (discipline and focus) that also lead to becoming a free bird.

Both in yoga and in the business aspects of Full of Yoga. Both in my body and in my mind.

In the world of yoga, discipline and focus have the power to guide us to inner peace and

harmony while also helping us to push our physical and mental boundaries. These principles

are no different in the business aspect of Full of Yoga. By adhering to a consistent and focused

approach to my business, I can take the necessary steps to achieve growth and success while

staying true to the core values of mindfulness and well-being.

Practicing yoga has taught me to unite my body and mind, and this, in turn, has helped me to

apply a holistic approach to managing Full of Yoga. In this way, discipline and focus become not

only a means to achieve my business goals but also a way to free my inner free bird - both

physically and mentally

6. In what manners does Full Of Yoga facilitate women in embracing mindfulness and

holistic wellness routines?

Of course, I focus on entrepreneurial parents, and then I always come back to the part of co-

regulation. Even though my own daughters can often exhibit quite challenging behaviour, it's

important for me to create a calm environment at home, a safe base from which they can

flourish, thrive, and pursue their own passion. And yes, that often means reflecting on my own

emotions, discovering how I react in certain situations, taking a moment to pause and feel.

7. What guidance would you offer to aspiring female entrepreneurs seeking to integrate

mindfulness practices into their daily routines? What recommendations would you

give to busy women for integrating yoga into their schedules? Which yoga styles do

you recommend for busy female entrepreneurs?

Yoga is a way of life, a way of being. It's not just about the poses. Yoga is about feeling your

body, becoming aware of the signals your body gives you, and then being able to respond

appropriately. And by 'appropriately' ; I mean listening to your body, being kind to your body, and

giving it what it needs at that moment. My advice, don't stick to just one yoga style because your

body doesn't need just one yoga style. This depends a lot on the time of day, the needs of your

body, and your mind at that moment. Sometimes I really need to move, do more challenging

yoga, while at other times, I need rest, and I really enjoy a pose where I can stay for 5 minutes.

So, for example, I don't get on the mat every day, but I can just as easily take a pose while

cooking in the kitchen. My kids are used to this ;) and it's also another beautiful message to

them. Feel, move, and rest.

And a beautiful quote that I often bring up is the following: We don’t use our body to get into the

pose, we use the pose to get into our body.

8. Where have you traveled to & practiced yoga that inspired you and why?

I've had the privilege of traveling to many places and practicing yoga in diverse settings. Each

journey has contributed to my personal growth and inspired me in unique ways. From working

with street children in Peru to teaching special needs children in Gambia, traveled to India 3

times, drove all the way to Gambia from Belgium with my camper, and many other countries.

These experiences have shaped me into who I am today. Traveling allows me to step out of my

comfort zone, pushing boundaries and fostering creativity. It's something I carry with me as a

source of wisdom and discovery. Stepping out of the situation, pushing past your own limits,

opens up a world of possibilities, new paths, both literally and figuratively. And I've had the

privilege of experiencing and feeling this numerous times on my journey with Full of Yoga.

As I always tell my daughters, “embrace your feminine power, for only you will determine your path. As parents, we're merely the bow guiding the arrow."

Get in touch with Liesbeth De Backer:

IG @liesbeth.fullofyoga

Photographer (notebook): Sarah Degheselle

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