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Authentic Success for Professional Women: Growth Strategies with Paula Burns!

Standing out authentically while driving growth can be a daunting task, especially for professional women aiming to balance their personal values with career aspirations. Her Expat Life caught up with Paula Burns, a dynamic force dedicated to helping women shine in their professional endeavours. With a unique blend of heartfelt guidance and innovative growth strategies, Paula empowers women to embrace their true selves and achieve remarkable success in their businesses. Through her expertise, professional women are not just growing—they are thriving authentically and making a meaningful impact. Join us as we delve into Paula's inspiring journey and discover how her creative strategies are transforming the landscape for women in business.

1: What inspired you to transition from a timid child with little confidence to a multi-

award-winning special events planner and business mentor?

It was definitely a journey! Nothing happens overnight. We have to transition as we become

aware of the restrictions that we are placing on ourselves.

I think the first thing for me was seeing people who were not even as experienced as me or have

the talents that I have, showing up and grasping opportunities. The trick was that they believed in

themselves. Most of us have the experience to back up the belief in ourselves but choose to hide.

I did this for the longest time before stepping into my strengths.

2: How do you help female entrepreneurs identify and embrace their authentic selves in

their business ventures?

I always start by getting them to identify who they are. Believe it or not, even successful

entrepreneurs are hindering their growth because they are following a trend or formula that has

nothing to do with their true selves and what lights them up.

3: Can you tell us about a particularly memorable success story from one of your


One of my previous clients started working with me because, although her business was doing

well, she had found herself at a stagnant place. She was finding it difficult to communicate her

message so that she attracted the right type of customers and her confidence was holding her

back. She wanted to come across authentic but not harsh. Following our four 1 to 1 mentoring

sessions, she began to open up to a new way of communicating, resulting in business growth,

additional awards & new business offerings.

4: What are some common challenges your clients face when trying to be seen and heard

in their industries, and how do you help them overcome these obstacles?

Consistency is a huge issue! It so easy to get caught up in the excitement of becoming more

comfortable showing up authentically, but sticking to a daily pattern can often let them down. I

have a number of mentoring packages that allow them to have a check in with me – the main one

being my group programme Business Wallflower to Spotlight Sensation©. It's a programme that

walks them through the process of embracing visibility, while I support them every step of the

way. My 1 to 1 packages are designed this way too.

5: How do you balance creativity and authenticity while ensuring your clients

businesses stand out in a crowded market?

It really is amazing how easy it is to stand out when you are being authentic! It's so important to

me that my clients are comfortable with the creative ways that they can show up. It's not about

being crazy or over the top; it's about identifying new ways of doing things. My natural creative

skills makes it's easy for me to help my clients develop the best ways for them to stand out in a


6: What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs who struggle with self-doubt and

fear of stepping out of the shadows?

I hear you and I see you! I know exactly how you feel because I was once you. It's not just about

showing up consistently. It's about understanding your message and finding your sweet spot that

makes you feel excited to step out of the shadows, one tentative step at a time.

7: How has your MBA and extensive experience in event planning influenced your

approach to business mentoring?

I obtained my MBA during the years that I worked for a corporate company and I specialised in

marketing. When I decided to start my events business, it was because I wanted to live a life that

allowed me to embrace more of who I am and the creativity inside me. Now, when I offer my

mentoring I can draw on my experiences from corporate management, my Masters education,

my presentation skills and of course, my natural creativity.

8: In what ways do you encourage your clients to use creativity as a tool for business

growth and differentiation?

Thinking outside the box is a phrase that is used often, but the ability to do this is key. I help my

clients to explore their industry in relation to what they offer and identify how they can show up

and serve in a unique way.

9: What is the most rewarding aspect of mentoring female independent business


The most rewarding aspect is actually watching my clients transform from a Business

Wallflower to a Spotlight Sensation© :-) Seeing them take control of who they are.

10: How do you stay motivated and continue to grow both personally and

professionally, while helping others do the same?

Understanding what makes you happy is key for motivation. I love being inspired so I seek out

people who are achieving and also embrace the wonder of new experiences. I also explore new

ways of doing things so I can pass on information to my clients. On the flip side, I find that

moments of stillness can be the best times to be inspired.

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