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An Interview with Nuria Bernat Campo - Manager of Sweet Accommodations, Barcelona

Updated: Jan 13

Her Expat Life recently partnered with Sweet Apartments in Barcelona, to offer our members of our co working and co living discounted rates on accommodation with them. We caught up with Nuria, the manager to find out what 'Sweet Accommodations' can offer female expats and digital nomads.

1: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today, can you tell us about Sweet BCN

Apartments? (How long can guests stay for, what amenities do you have and what

makes you different from other apartments?)

At Sweet BCN Apartments we offer different type of accommodations in the amazing

destination of Barcelona. For guests that are looking for a short city break we offer our private vacation rentals, a lovely studio apartment with terrace and a comfortable three bedroom apartment, both located in the bohemian and artistic neighbourhood of Gràcia. We also have a very large apartment, with a total of 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, perfect for families, groups of friends or work colleagues who want to stay all together while visiting the Catalan capital. What makes our vacation rentals ideal are their prime location, right in the city centre yet not a chaotic area, as well as our guest experience services. We have a multicultural and well experienced team at the service of our guests, giving tailored recommendations and making sure everyone enjoys Barcelona at their own terms. For guests that are coming to Barcelona for a longer period of time we have created the Co- impact Co- living Brand, with 2 different locations offering shared dormitories and private bedrooms.

Our Co -living are in the neighbourhood of Eixample, surrounded by beautiful and emblematic modernist architecture. Actually, our shared dormitories Co- living has original modernist style ceilings and tile floors, which are architectural patrimony of the city. For our Co- living guests we also have a dedicated guest experience team, who not only makes sure everyone has the information and resources they need, but is also connecting our guests amongst themselves and with the local community through weekly events. All of our units are fully serviced and furnished and our Co -livings have dedicated work spaces so that all of our guests can work comfortably from home. We also make sure to collaborate with local entrepreneurs and small businesses to bring our guests special benefits and discounts while consuming from local businesses.

2: Tell us more about the sustainability aspect of Sweet BCN Apartments and how

impactful it is on the world.

We take sustainability seriously and have been implementing different things throughout

time. There is always room to improve and more things to do but its important to start


What is sustainability for us?

To develop our economic activity in harmony with nature and the ecosystem. Taking into account the needs of present and future generations.

Our main objective is to enrich the experience of the guests who trust us. As a responsible

company, we must take into account that our activity benefits local communities and

encourages the protection of the cultural and natural heritage of our destinations.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, our company has adhered to the Compromís

Barcelona Biosphere program, which has the following control points:

- Training on sustainability issues

- Professional advisors

- Specialised sustainability workshops

- Recommendation on points of improvement

We have received the certification after complying with the Biosphere Requirements

Manual of 102 requirements, including important points such as:

- Have good practices aimed at staff for the efficient use of resources and the minimisation

of environmental impacts

- Have good practices aimed at customers for the efficient use of resources and the

minimisation of environmental impacts

- Calculate the necessary indicators to be able to evaluate the main sustainability


- Calculate our carbon footprint

- Promote the use of public or low-emission transport at the destination, offering our

customers up-to-date and truthful information on itineraries and alternative means of

transport available.