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An interview with Lucie Hammond, Leading Unbiased Expat Female Financial Planner!

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Lucie Hammond, an experienced expat and financial planner, to learn about her life.

1: Tell us about your journey. Where are you from? Where were you educated… How did you end

up in Singapore?  


I have lived in Singapore for close to 16 years now. I’m originally from Cambridge in the UK and went

to university in Nottingham. I had family living here so I moved over after my studies, and I have

never looked back! I’m married with 2 children Jude and Clementine (11&4) and a very naughty

Shiz Tzu called Percy!  Singapore has allowed me to start and grow a family in such a lovely well run

and safe environment, whilst at the same time has also provided with great work opportunities too.


2. As a qualified, experienced financial planner, what advice do you have for expat women looking

to move, life and invest in Singapore? 

Since I arrived in Singapore, I have always worked in the Wealth Management industry.  I currently

work as a Senior Financial Advisor at TallRock Capital and I believe we are now the largest

independent expat wealth management / financial planning firms in Singapore; in terms of number

of clients, wealth managers and also assets under management.  

Singapore provides a great opportunity for expat women looking to move and work here, as it

provides a very fair, equally diverse working (and social) environment.  Through my many years of

working with female clients here, there are many expat women who have become very successful in

their preferred industries and many of the business leaders here in Singapore are women, and

Singapore actively encourages this in my opinion.

From an investment point of view, Singapore offers some great benefits due to its much lower tax

environment and the fact that there are no capital gains tax to pay on any your savings and

investments either.  Another positive reason to move here, is they do not Tax you on your foreign /

overseas income or investments, so you are not penalised (tax wise) for having previous

investments, prior to moving to Singapore. 


3: There are very few female expat Financial Planners! What makes you unique? 


Of course, being female is the most unique part of my role, I believe there are only a handful of Expat female financial advisors in Singapore, 3 of which work at TallRock Capital.

I became a mother at a young age, and I have successfully carved out my career and learned to grow

my own wealth in a fast paced (typically male dominated) wealth management industry, that can at

times be tough for women and for Mothers. I also take time to fully understand the needs or issues,

my female clients should address, and above all else, ensuring they are protected financially, as is

their family. I feel this ability to be empathetic, relatable, and authentic to women, really sets me



4: What advice do you have for women looking to invest for the first time? Perhaps on the stock

market or property? What advice do you have?  


Sit down with a professional! Take the time to sit down with an Independent Wealth Manager /

Financial Planner who can really help you access your current financial situation and more

importantly help you define your goals for the future, through building a robust financial plan.  I

would also say take time to understand the different areas of investment and ensure any decisions

are always in line with your attitude to risk and never get pressured to invest into anything that you

feel slightly uncomfortable with.  What works for one woman, might not be suitable for another, yet

I have seen many times how ‘trying to push a one size fits all’ approach, could not be further from

the truth.  It may sound obvious but take time to find someone who you can trust, that shows

empathy and truly cares - and until you feel you have established all of that, do not jump into any

new decisions.


5: 'Financial Wellbeing' is a new term yet one that cannot be ignored as financial worries and

troubles lead to problems elsewhere in our lives. What advice do you have for women looking to

cultivate ‘financial wellbeing’?  


Financial wellbeing, for me, really means having a sense of ‘feeling secure, not vulnerable, being in

control of your destiny, and giving yourself the ability to attain financial freedom’.  Even if you are just starting out on your investment journey, having a proper plan and taking time for yourself to decide what your financial goals you would like to get in place, can make a huge difference to both your financial and health wellbeing, which is so important.



6: What advice do you have for young female digital nomads/expats who are looking to plan for

their retirement?  


Small steps! Even putting a small amount away each month for your retirement can pay dividends

later. It’s important to build good financial habits even when you’re young. 


Also track your expenses. There are many good apps out there that help you to get a grip over what

you are spending and where. I do this every month for the family and it really helps us to keep on

track with our spending and saving.  Also take time to understand all the different options/solutions

that might get you towards your goal - as we know, we only get this one life and chance to ‘plan for

retirement’ so it is important not to rush decisions.


7: Where have you traveled to that made a lasting impression?  


I have been fortunate enough (and Singapore and work has enabled this massively) to have the time

and means, to visit a lot of places in Asia over my 16 years in Singapore. One of my favourite

countries was Sri Lanka. There’s so much to see and do and the people there are so caring and truly

amazing; also spending time there with some people not as fortunate, really puts a lot of things into

perspective when it comes to thinking what your goals are and how we can do things to help others,

as well as our own families.  Outside of Asia, my favourite city is definitely New York. My sister lives

there so I am lucky enough to have a local tour guide! 


8: You have worked in positions for wealth management - tell us about these roles, what is wealth

management and how did you serve clients?  What advice do you have for women looking to

create wealth?  


In my 16 years here in Singapore, I have always worked in wealth management. In my early career I

was working with the Business Development teams, and then headed up account management and

servicing, until becoming fully qualified as a successful wealth manager. I am a firm believer in doing

what you say you will, and providing a personal quality service to clients is fundamental to this work

journey I have been on. Having done different roles in the industry, it has really helped me to

understand and ‘feel’ the client journey, from all aspects.  


9: What financial advice do you have for women beginning to save and invest and seeking financial



I really advocate for women to be independent and empowered with their finances. There has been

countless studies and statistics that show, compared to men, women have insufficient knowledge of

wealth management, and this is a key factor fuelling their financial instability. 


Finding a trusted Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager that can give you peace of mind, be open,

honest, and transparent, and more importantly LISTEN, should be there to support you on your

financial journey ahead.


10: What is the expat lifestyle like in Singapore? 


Singapore is a very appealing place for Expats to live. It’s extremely clean, efficient, very safe, and

extremely easy to get around; the transportation and living conditions in Singapore are second to

none, as is the food and culture here. There’s a great social scene in Singapore and it’s very easy to

meet people, at your leisure.  If you have a family, the international schools are some of the best

globally, and there’s also lots to do on ‘family weekends’, that are right on your ‘doorstep’. What I

really love about Singapore is the fact you can immerse yourself completely in the local culture and

really feel like you fit in, right from the get-go.

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