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An Interview With Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes,International Transpersonal Psychologist, Coach & Author!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Her Expat Life had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes, an International Transpersonal Psychologist, Coach and Author of Toxic Insecurity: The Path of Relational Spirituality to find out what her journey has been like! Read on to learn more...

1: Tell us about Ethereal Mind and the female centric global tribe you have! What is the main

idea behind this transformational spiritual centre?

Ethereal Mind has grown out of my own journey and being frustrated that it was incredibly challenging to find practices that I clicked with. Most of my healers were older and wonderful but I knew that passing wisdom on to the next generation needed to look different. I've healed through many modalities but reiki, tango dancing, and past life regression were the keys to get through a very painful healing journey. While I've experienced conventional psychotherapy, I went to the best I could find and was met with good experiences. This is not always possible to find and we all need more support now than ever.

Right now we are building an international group of wellness and fitness professionals to provide coaching services.

2: You are extremely multi-talented - Licensed psychologist, yoga instructor, enthusiastic tango

dancer, intuitive/conscious sex & relationship alchemist, and author of, Toxic Insecurity: The

Path of Relational Spirituality and Our Search for Authentic Love and Love Letters to My Soul.

Congratulations on all your achievements! Which would you say has been the most challenging

yet rewarding?

Getting through my own journey! Many people do not cross through the darker side of spirituality and do their ancestral healing work. I had to learn to communicate with the spirit world and heal many past lives related to relationships in my family that I had been running from.

Writing my first book was an exercise in releasing fear! I learned on the journey that I wrote a book 3000 years ago and was jailed for it. The level of fear was not normal and I had to face it and work through it. I'm proud of getting through the process and facing my fear of being seen.

3: As a licensed clinical psychologist, relationship, dating coach & image consultant, what do you

see as the biggest challenge women face? How do you help them?

We as women have been conditioned to believe that our wealth is tied to men. It is part of a healing journey to learn to heal poverty consciousness and clear the ancestral and maternal blocks to receiving love and support. Because of our conditioning and fear, many men offer things (especially career related) and we say no. It's like the Universe sends you a person to answer your wishes and you deny the help. Doing the subconscious reprogramming and awakening to see how loving and helpful the world actually is is a process many women don't have enough support to walk.

4: You have traveled the world and lived in several places! Where would you say was the most

healing/spiritual/transformative place/ where you did your own personal healing?

The past 4 years my soul has been connected to various men who have been a part of my past life karma that needed to be cleared. While I was not conscious at the time of traveling, learning that Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Germany and Lithuania were important places to spend time in was mind blowing. It helped clear my energy from past connections and learn more about spirituality while I was in the midst of a shamanic initiation. I learned how loving much of my past had been but that traumas needed more than just talking to clear.

I tell clients that they need to explore their ancestral lands. It is often where the gifts begin to open.

5: Your Podcast - ‘An introduction to Toxic Insecurity’ the book you wrote sounds fun! Do tell us


The book is part 1 of the healing journey. It is the combination of my scientific background with the IRL connections with relationships and dates that impacted my journey. It outlines all the things I tried in the beginning of the journey. From meditation to yoga to nutrition to travel, I wrote about it all.

At the end of 2019 I met a soul who triggered the next part of my journey. That connection is being cleared now but remains a heart centred and soul based connection - even without any contact with one another.

I've learned that my unique journey is about clearing karma with others - so even when dating and relationships looks like a hot mess, I choose to give and support (when I can).

6: How would you advise single women struggling to find love or the one who are living

expat/digital nomad lives and fear they will never find it?

Walk your journey. My best guess is that half of us have Transpersonal karma which means relationships with others IS the spiritual journey. If someone pisses you off, breaks up with you or scares you - you have the choice to vent or dig deep to find out why they showed in the first place. We often attract the wrong people because we have old energy in the body doing the choosing. I have found with myself and clients that fear is often not ours and belongs to someone else. Dating and relationships are an avenue of self exploration. Turn the shit show into wisdom.

7: You do so much on a daily basis, from running clinics, retreats, writing books and online

courses.. How do you juggle all of this and not get burnt out?

I have very strict boundaries. I only see clients 3 days a week and have slowed down a lot the past 18 months to prioritise my journey. I also prioritise my wellness and am careful with who I take as a client. It is, however, my dharma to do a lot of this work solo. So as a result, I've had to put my personal life on the back burner to accommodate these changes and learn to be patient. But the sense of empowerment that comes from knowing you did all this work and will only choose people your soul resonates with is what the true healing is.

I've been burnt out in the past because I couldn't say no. Now I love the word and understand if I say no, it helps others get on their right path too.

8: How would you guide someone going through a low vibrational period in their life, where

things keep going wrong and they feel stuck and helpless?

An energy wellness check. Often times, when things keep going wrong there is an energy not yours interfering. It is usually the start of a healing journey. Seek professional support and be stubborn about walking your path. Do your own inner work and homework as well. Self study. Low vibes is an opportunity to master learning how to manage energy and this is a skill that will be greatly needed for the future.

There is also often a past relationship that is causing problems that needs to be addressed.

9: What do you do in your spare time?

These days there is eating out and resting. I also love yoga and wellness. Next month I do my official shamanic initiation in Costa Rica. I love learning new things and have learned that there is a wonderful art called learning to enjoy doing nothing. It helps with the integration process.

10: Finally, where would you like to visit but haven't yet?

I've been to over 45 countries at this point but I would like to go to Mauritius and Australia.

Learn more about Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes!

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