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An Engaging Chat With Hotel Manager Expat & Career Transition Coach, Jessica Morari!

Jessica Morari is an experienced expat and career transition coach who has lived abroad for many years. She recently sat down with Her Expat Life to discuss her journey and insights on living and working abroad. Jessica shared her tips on how to make the transition to living in a new country smoother and more successful, and her advice on how to build a successful career in a foreign country.

1: Tell us how you started your Expat & Career Transition Coaching career? What was

the catalyst for this business development? What does a discovery session with you

entail with clients?

Starting this business has been a natural development of my personal experience - I

have been an expat myself for the past 8 years, and my passion for helping people

with their personal & professional growth. Nowadays, moving to another country is

quite common, yet there are still very few services that help you to face this

transition from an emotional point of view. And this is what I do with my coaching

programs for expats. I help them overcome emotional instability and create their

inner home to strengthen their independence and make the most of their experience

abroad. During a discovery session, we make an assessment of the current situation

to understand if coaching is what the person needs and we see if there is a

connection between us.

2: You have lived in some incredible places like Kenya to Italy, Spain and now Dubai!

Do tell us more of your travels and what were/are some of the perks of living


Living abroad means enrichment to me. You can get to live different lives in each

place you move to, taste new flavours, discover different ways of seeing and

perceiving reality, and get in contact with new mindsets. I have personally become

more flexible and more open-minded towards many aspects of life. At the end of the

journey, you end up creating your own culture, which is the sum of every place you

have lived in. And moreover, living abroad is a real masterclass about yourself. You really have the

chance to get to deeply know you and challenge and improve yourself.

3: What advice do you have for women who may be struggling with emotional


Do not hide your emotions. Many times we expat feel the obligation to be happy all

the time, because we somehow chose it. The truth is that every emotion is legitimate

and you are entitled to feel sad, scared, frustrated, and lonely sometimes. It is

absolutely normal to go through different phases after we move. A coach can help

you to learn how to deal with what you are feeling and reach a stability in your life


4: Where have you traveled/lived that really made a lasting impression on you and


Every place has left something that I still bring with me today. I love the meaning of

food in Italian culture. To me it represents the pleasure of family shared moments, of

cooking as a form of taking care of your beloved ones.

Spain taught me to slow down, to take a break and enjoy life with a simple walk on

the beach after work.

And in the UAE I have appreciated the growth and entrepreneurship mindset. Dubai is

for me one of the greatest examples of how you can create anything from nothing.

5: What challenges have you faced along the way in your career and how did you

overcome them?

I entered the job market right after my master and being a 24 year old woman