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5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Every Female Remote Worker

Calling remote work rockstars! 🌟 Are you ready to take your remote work game to the next level? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the work-from-home life, having the right resources at your fingertips can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve rounded up five fantastic podcasts that every female remote worker should follow. These shows are packed with insights, inspiration, and tips to help you thrive in your career and life. So, grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired!

1. Remote Work Europe Podcast

Why You’ll Love It: Hosted by industry powerhouse Maya Middlemiss, Remote Work Europe brings listeners a range of episodes for employees, freelancers, sole traders, solopreneurs, digital nomads, consultants, and anyone who defies categorization while making a living outside the traditional location-dependent relationship. The Remote Work Europe website also has a job listing board, newsletter and regular webinars that offer insightful information for anyone interested in working remotely from the EU.


  • Practical tips and advice for finding remote work and avoiding scams.

  • Feature episodes on European remote work destinations.

  • Insightful interviews with leaders in the remote work field.

2. The Remote Work Tribe Podcast

Why You’ll Love It: Dive into the latest remote work trends, strategies, and success stories from top professionals. This podcast offers actionable advice on how to optimize your remote work experience and stay ahead of the curve.


  • In-depth interviews with remote work leaders

  • Practical tips for boosting productivity

  • Insights on navigating remote work challenges

3. Women at Work

Why You’ll Love It: Brought to you by Harvard Business Review, this podcast tackles the unique challenges and triumphs of women in the workplace. Get research-backed insights and practical tips to excel in your career.


  • Discussions on leadership and career advancement

  • Strategies for balancing work and life

  • Interviews with successful female leaders

4. Being Boss

Why You’ll Love It: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon host this empowering podcast for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. Discover business strategies, productivity hacks, and personal experiences from women who’ve been there and done that.


  • Tips for running your own business or freelance career

  • Real-life stories from successful entrepreneurs

  • Advice on staying motivated and productive

5. The Work From Home Show

Why You’ll Love It: Hosts Naresh Vissa and Adam Schroeder focus on the nuts and bolts of working from home. From setting up your home office to maintaining peak productivity, this podcast covers it all.


  • Comprehensive advice on remote work setups

  • Productivity tips and remote work tools

  • Interviews with thriving remote professionals

Ready, Set, Listen!

So there you have it—five podcasts that will inspire, inform, and empower you as a female remote worker. Whether you’re looking to boost your productivity, find balance, or simply get motivated, these shows have got you covered. Plug in, tune out the distractions, and let these amazing podcasts guide you on your remote work journey. Happy listening! 🎧💼

Feel free to share your favorite podcasts or any tips you have for thriving as a remote worker in the comments below. Let’s support and inspire each other!

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